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Safe operation rules for vertical cylinders loading, unloading, storage and transportation
In order to ensure the safety of vertical cylinders loading, unloading, storage and transportation, and prevent fire and explosion accidents caused by gas combustion due to leakage of pipeline and cylinder valves, the following safety operation rules are formulated:
1. Before loading the hydrogen container, the loading workers should close all the cylinder valves on the cylinders, one by one, and ensure that all the cylinder valves are closed. Close the cylinders valve slowly to prevent accidents.
2. Set the loading and unloading operation, not less than two people, and one person to operate electrical appliances, the other one person to lift the frame. During hoisting, it is strictly prohibited to collide with the lifting frame and the packing box, so as to prevent sparks and damage to the packing box accessories caused by the collision.
3. When transporting the container, the rope tightened shall be used to tighten the container and the carriage, and the bottom of the carriage shall be covered with a rubber cushion to prevent the side slip of the container during driving.
4. Hot weather long-distance transportation, should be transported to cover the cylinders to prevent exposure to the sun, if conditions are available to take water cooling, and should stop on the way to check.
5. Loading and unloading of cylinders at destination shall be conducted according to article 2 of these regulations. For the convenience of customers, after unloading the container, open all the cylinder valves or explain to customers. When opening the bottle valve, one should be opened first, check the pipeline and joint, and open the bottle valve one by one until it is fully opened. The operation of the bottle valve must be slow.
6. The cylinders (empty and full) returned from the customer shall be operated in accordance with the requirements. When the cylinder is unloaded by the company, the receiving and receiving worker shall check and confirm on the spot.
7. The worker who is carrying hydrogen container for long-distance transportation must have complete relevant quality certificates and be familiar with the emergency handling measures of vehicles and goods. In case of emergency, they should deal with it in time and give an alarm according to the on-site situation.





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