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this is the normal cap for all kinds of seamless steel gas cylinders.

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Why do gas cylinders have caps?
A cylinder filled with various gases has a cap at the mouth to control the inlet and outlet of the gas. The cap is worn on the cylinder valve to ensure that the cylinder valve is not damaged by machinery and to ensure safety. It is an important accessory of the cylinder, and people call it a safety caps.
Because of the cylinder valve is mostly made of copper alloy, fragile, although some steel to make, but because of its structure than the small cylinders, spin on the cylinder between bottleneck and the cylinder valve joint form a right angle, it is the weak point of the bottle, and the bulge of the bottle, the most vulnerable to the impact of mechanical damage or foreign. If the cylinder falls, falls, rolls or is hit by other hard objects due to careless damage in the process of handling, storage and use, it is easy to appear that the joint of the cylinder valve and the bottleneck is completely fractured.




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